Replica Watches Iwc Portuguese

Iwc Portuguese Iw500107 can be said to be a very popular formal watch with a very high face value. There are many manufacturers doing it in the replica market, and the quality is also uneven. The best is the closest to the original Iw500107. The replica watches Iw500107 from the ZF factory in my hand are currently upgraded to the V5 version.
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Replica Watches Iwc Portuguese First of all, the whole watch is made of 316 stainless steel, the diameter of the watch is 42.3, which is no different from the genuine one. The mirror is a sapphire glass mirror with a curvature, which has been treated with an anti-dazzling treatment. The white dial surface, its position at 3 o'clock is its kinetic energy dial, and 9 o'clock is the second dial. And made a CD pattern effect, the lettering under 12 o'clock is very oily, and has a slight three-dimensional sense, 6 o'clock is a calendar window made a trapezoidal step effect size This is also consistent with the original, the calendar font is very Full and centered.

Iwc Portuguese Iw500107 replica watches

The side of Replica Watches Iw500107 has been brushed, and the rest is polished. The head is straight, the carving on it is very delicate and indistinguishable from the genuine one. The strap is a calf leather strap stamped with a crocodile pattern. The feel is good. Friends with a relatively large budget can also upgrade to crocodile skin to achieve a consistent feel with the original. The clasp is a simple folding clasp.

Iwc Portuguese Iw500107 replica watches

The back is a transparent bottom, and also uses a sapphire glass mirror to clearly see the structure of the movement. The Zw factory's Iwc Portuguese Iw500107 replica watch adopts Dandong movement with genuine 51011 movement, which is very stable and accurate. However, there is still a certain difference in its appearance. The color of the gemstone is brighter. The original gear can be rotated here. However, the F factory is a splint just for decoration. The overall similarity can reach about 80. not bad.

Overall, the Iwc Portuguese Iw500107 replica watch produced by the ZF factory does a pretty good job, with a high-value appearance and a versatile style that is worth starting with.

Iwc Portuguese Iw500107 316L side